What we test


iOS applications

Since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, apps have taken over our lives. Companies who have invested time and resources to build quality iOS applications now benefit from more meaningful relationships with their customers. Does your iOS app have what it takes to stand out in the jungle that is the App Store?

Android applications

Android is the mobile industry’s most important operating system. But competition in the Google Play Store is fierce and fragmentation makes your developers cringe? Good reviews are a key element of your app’s success – Have you tested it on a large enough number of devices? We can help.


Your website is your company’s storefront. Making sure that your visitors are enchanted by their interaction with your website is critical to your business. But there is so much to consider: browser fragmentation, mobile responsiveness, SEO… if you don’t know where to start or need help before a big launch, we can help.
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Smart TV applications

The world of television is evolving and users expect to do more with their smart TVs. Games and streaming applications are quickly gaining in popularity and offer huge potential for growth to companies with great content. Our testing services can help you ensure that your smart TV application offers an impeccable experience to your users to keep them coming back.

Desktop software

Whether for productivity or entertainment, desktop applications are used every day by millions of users around the world on a variety of different computers and operating systems. Their proper functionality can be critical to your business – we can help you ensure that all your users will have a flawless experience with your product.

Windows Phone applications

Often overshadowed by iOS and Android, Windows Phone is a strong performer in emerging markets. With a solid offering that includes the Nokia Lumia line, an increasing number of Windows Phone users are on the hunt for quality applications. Microsoft has said publicly that they seek quality applications. The time is now!

What we do


On-demand testing

Multiple situations can call for on-demand testing. Whether it is to add more resources to your QA team on short notice before releasing your product or to identify and isolate issues reported by your users, our team can help. qa on request is not just a name – it’s a statement. We’re here for you, when you need it.

Functional testing

Functional testing is the core of the software quality assurance process. The objective of these tests is to ensure that every feature of a software product functions as intended.

Crowdsourced Testing

Crowdsourced testing (sometimes referred to as “crowd testing”) consists of inviting a group of professional software testers to test a product via an open call published online as opposed to working with an internal or outsourced team of testers.

Mobile application testing

Even if you develop a clever application with a great concept, its quality will be a key topic of discussion. Make sure your reputation is safe and your users are delighted with proper quality assurance testing.

Compatibility testing

Software compatibility testing is conducted to ensure that an interactive product functions and renders well on a diversity of different browsers, mobile devices, computers, operating systems, screen resolutions, etc…

Localization testing

When users realize that a company not only invested money to translate the texts of a product they are using in their language, but also invested the time and effort to make this translation optimal for their specific region by testing them, they appreciate even more the product they are using. Please your users by ensuring an optimal experience and have your localized texts tested. Your users will appreciate it.

Usability testing

A professor at MIT once said: “You can spend $5,000 on usability testing or you can spend $50,000 rewriting your product later, the choice is yours.”

Context-driven testing

We work together with you, stakeholders and clients, to understand your context and testing needs, so that we can choose the testing strategies, tools, and artifacts that will be appropriate to uncover and report information that’s valuable to you.

Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing is a test process where no specific scripted test scenarios are used. The testing team explores the product intuitively, as a normal user would, and generate test artefacts as they go.

Black box testing

Black box testing is an approach to testing that involves test design and test execution without knowledge, or without using knowledge of the code that makes up the product under test.

Test plan design

An optimal test plan covers every aspect of a project, from functionality to design. In a good QA process, test plan runs are done on every new version, to ensure that every use case is verified between versions.

On-site assistance & staff training

If a deadline is fast approaching and you need help making sure that your software product is bug-free, our testing team can work alongside your developers to help you meet your objectives.

Beta testing / Playtests

Whether you are looking for bugs, feedback or data, beta testing and playtests are powerful assets in your game developer toolbox. We can guide you through the noise and get you actionable insights to increase your conversion rate.

Performance testing

Performance testing includes multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as benchmark where and when the issues arise.

Automation testing

Your web or desktop application is frequently updated, has wide functionality and requires continuous manual checks? Get faster releases and greater testing coverage without sacrificing quality with test automation.

Security testing

An in-depth security assessment that will help to detect your software vulnerabilities and associated risks. We will test your solutions, detect the most critical security flaws and soft spots to protect it against threats on all devices and platforms.